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May 12th we visited Harry HInes in Dallas (shoppers row) to buy some ATV's. We knew we were not buying a yamaha / honda but we did not expect to buy a piece of *** that.

They ran at the shop and when we got them home they all died and would not start again. We called the shop and they gave us the run around and said all sales final. I get that all sales are final but on a working product. You can not sell me something that doesnt work and then say all sales are final.

We had to go buy new batteries that cost a few hundred dollars and so all i have to say is lesson learned. They have an F rating with the BBB and Ali is a liar and *** bag.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1217206

I am so glad that I am reading these comments. Actually i was looking up Dallas power sports to see what other kinds of mopeds if any that they had.

l met the person that you are speaking of. Foreigner dood right! Well, I was looking on amazon for a moped a few days back when I came across his shop and these mopeds for 699. WOW, that's a good deal I thought.

So I called amazon to purchase the itom only to find out that it was out of stoke. the lady @ amazon also told me that there was a $190 shiping fee. I asked her if she could give me the vendors phone number. To my utmost surprise, She gave it 2 me.How was amazon going to make there cut, profit on this deal.

Right off recognized the 214 area code. Thats Dallas I said. I'll just find a way up there and ride it home. well, I get there and ask the lady working the floor about the $699.oo moped.

699. she said. Where did you see that we have no 49 cc mopeds 4 699 i pulled out my computer from my bag turned my hot spots on my android and pulled the amazon add up. Oh yeah she ses.

well, We don't have any of those in at this time. That's when the owner piped up and said that one over there, and pointed @ a 150cc moped. He said I will sell you that one for 699. NO ***!

Is it used I asked. nope! In my mind I started drooling and @ the same time I was thinking when something sounds 2 good 2 be true and on closer inspection I could swear that it had been ridden be4. The seat looked wheatherd and when I looked inside the mini luggage box on the back.

I new that it wasn't new. The luggage box that is. But 699 for a 150cc moped. Fk it, who cares, l'm buying it.

I told the owner that I was going on a trip and asked if could he put it back into the crate because I am going to have it air freighted to my vacation destination. He told me that would not be a problem. well, fedx asked for the dimensions.Come to find out 2 big. So, that sent me on a mission.

I went up to the susuki kawasaki shop today in plano tx. I was asking the owner if he could have one of his mechanics me take this brand new moped that I was buying apart that I wanted to take it with me on vacation. I told him that i would pay his shop guy's the going rate of pay.to do so. he wanted to know from where and whom are you purchasing this moped from .

Dallas power sports. He told me verbatim the same story that i am reading from these complaint reports. years ago. He was in the same building with 1 of these dog *** fly by knight companies that sold the same thing that I was looking @.

He said that the people would buy mopeds and the very same day come walking in his store with the pos that they had only hours ago bought complaining that there moped would not start, or drive. He said that would happen @ least once a week. He aske me is the moped that you are looking 2 buying from china. Yes.

I am telling you right now.

You will be screwed if you buy that scooter and you know what I was going to buy it anyway untill I read this. THANK YOU!

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